12/19/15: Pizza and Presents

Happy Holidays!

Diana here.

December has been exciting! This month hasn’t been a busy one- it’s time for us to slow down, relax, and enjoy the holidays. (And start planning for some major renovations coming up in the new year!)

This past weekend, I visited the coalition with a group of volunteers. Our new partner, California Pizza Kitchen, sent over a representative and donated two stuffed backpacks, snacks, and toys for the students. It’s exciting to be making such wonderful relationships with partners in the community! CPK even donated lunch for our volunteers- which allowed for a nice volunteer bonding time after our event!


This event was a lot different than the past couple of months. Much to my disappointment, very few kids attended our event! I asked the attending students where all the other kids were, and it seemed like there were a few other events throughout the community that they may have been attending.

That being said, the event was incredibly successful for the kids that did attend! We had a lot of new faces that I enjoyed meeting. I met a couple of new parents too, and they were so excited to hear what we were all about!


One of our returning students, Ethan, was a hoot! He is four years old and is always so silly when we work with him. (He’s also a superstar around the coalition- he does a lot of ads for the coalition!) He was working with one of the volunteers whose name is Thao. I was talking to Ethan and asked him if he knew what his tutor’s name was. When he shook his head, I told him, “Her name is Thao.”

He looked at me mischievously and exclaimed, “Cow?!” and grinned.

Everyone around us started cracking up! For the rest of the session, we referred to Thao as ‘Cow.’


It is silly moments like these that make these events so worth it! I love just connecting with the students. I would do just about anything to put a smile on their faces. (I’ll even give Ethan piggy back rides and gallop down the hall as he yells “Giddy up!”) This goal- friendship- is one of the most important in our mission.

Happy holidays to all!