02/16/16: More than just mentoring

Hi everyone! Our February Blog is different than past blogs in that it is all words from our mentors. Our mentors, do so much for Charisma’s Crayons and we greatly appreciate them! Our mentorship program is more than just mentoring, it is an opportunity to change a child’s life, learn more about yourself and learn more about society. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, click here!

Catherine Sochar and her mentee, Chloe 

IMG_4961My experience with the mentor program has given me a new perspective in life. We sometimes forget the little things, focus on the bad, and want more. But, working with my mentee has allowed me to see in life all you need is love. My experience with my mentee started off slow because I had a hard time getting in contact with her mom , but when I finally did I was able to hangout with her many times. So far we have spent our outings coloring, playing tag, going to the mall, and learning about each other. Recently I helped her family move in an apt, which was so awesome to see how happy they were! Life isn’t perfect but this family doesn’t give up, and they have so much love for each other that nothing else matters. God has answered my prayers by allowing me to meet this little girl. I really hope to maintain contact with this family for a while. Thanks Charisma’s!

Alex Gonzalez and his mentee, Haile


As a mentor I have learned so much about myself, from my willingness to give to my sense of compassion. I’ve been able to grow so closely with my mentee, Haile, as we have experienced new things together such as our educational and exciting trip to the Orlando Science Center, or just our relaxing trip to the movie theater to watch Inside Out. Being able to see Haile’s excitement each time we go out to do something together is what I look forward to each time I take her to a new spot to explore. I am thrilled to continue learning from the wonderful experiences that Haile and I will go on to have throughout the next year. Thank you, Charisma’s Crayons for allowing me the opportunity to be a mentor to a wonderful child!
Also, wanted to wish co-founder and co-CEO, Diana Abarca, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Diana has dedicated so much time, energy and money to making Charisma’s Crayons a success. Without Diana the programs we have today, would not be possible. I have never met someone as loving and caring as Diana. She balances, school, work and Charisma’s Crayons gracefully. Even when she was extremely sick, she was always worrying about the kids and trying to make sure they where okay. We need more people in the world like Diana and we celebrate just how amazing she is on this special day!