03/29/16: We are ENERGIZED

Hi it’s Naadiya! This is Diana’s post BUT, I had something I needed to say really quick. I needed to say, that I should be tired. Diana should be tired, but we aren’t. We aren’t tired because what we are doing ENERGIZES us. We love what we are doing, so we don’t need 8 hours of sleep or tons of free time. We NEED to help amazing children achieve their dreams, that is what drives us. That is what ENERGIZES us.


Hi there, Diana here! This is my first blog post of the year, so I have a lot to say!

I have about one month left in the semester and I am definitely hitting a wall. I’ve been so tired, both physically and mentally… and yet…

I am so ENERGIZED by the passion and love of our volunteers.

This past Saturday, we had another Tutoring Talent session and it was awesome! There were so many new volunteers- and for the first time, we had a majority of college students. I am so excited to see that the word is spreading around UCF. I was speaking to two of the volunteers about the benefits of having college students tutor (now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE our high school volunteers- you guys are amazing!).

IMG_9889Charisma’s Crayons’ end goal is to help the students we work with reach college- and I believe that if we surround them with people that are at that level, they can realize that it is so achievable.

The students that attended this session were so excited! Well, most of them were…


We had a first grader, Jonathan, who REALLY did not want to do work on a Saturday! He started laying down across the chairs, hiding his pencil, and refusing to listen to his tutor. But my sister was able to first get him interested in a game of tic tac toe and eventually focused on his work. The results were AMAZING. Once Jonathan focused, he showed us just how smart he really was.

Another volunteer told me that her middle school student complained about doing math problems. She convinced him to do another problem, the last one, but once he finished that one, he asked if he could do another one!IMG_9910

Other tutors engaged their students in some really unique ways. As I made a mark on one of the student’s name tag and unintentionally distracted her, her tutor told her the mark meant she was doing extremely well. With a big smile on her face, she got right back to work. I also watched as another tutor taught his student how to multiply by nines using his hands.


I felt a sort of energy in the room that was truly amazing. The students were so interested in learning and the tutors so passionate about teaching. I definitely realized that the students we work with really do have a craving for knowledge, and without our amazing tutors, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy that craving.