4/10/16: Don’t Drink the Water

Don’t Drink the Water

Hi everyone, It’s Naadiya! I was sitting in a restaurant and I saw a roach climb up the wall. I decided to never go again. I then thought about the kids, and that they see roaches in their school all the time, but they can’t just decide to no longer attend. They must just endure it. We shouldn’t make kids just ENDURE things. We should actively be working on things to IMPROVE their situation. OUR kids are the FUTURE. Not investing them, is not investing in the advancement of society.


This month’s blog post is about a campaign I am currently working on. The campaign is for improved sanitation at Tench Tilghman Elementary and Middle School. Tench Tilghman is a public school in East Baltimore, that has around 450 kids. The school is in a low income area and has a majority of black students. I have been volunteering at an after school program at a church near by. I have grown to really love these kids. I have also gotten really upset about the conditions of their school. No water fountains because of LED problems. Unsanitary food conditions because of roaches. Roaches surrounding water sources. Trash surrounding the school, because of lack of trash cans. The problem that the school faces, would cost thousands of dollars to fix. That is currently just not in the budget of Charisma’s Crayons, but a University like Johns Hopkins, would have money for repairs.

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Why should Johns Hopkins care? Because they already said they care when they created a partnership with the school. They just never completely committed to the partnership. I’m demanding that Hopkins COMMIT and make a change. I’m demanding that as a community we come together and help OUR kids.

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There are very few times, when all you need to do is a sign a document, to change someone’s life. And I’m not exaggerating when I say life. It might not seem like roaches are a life changing problem, but they are. Roaches bodies decompose and become so small that they can be breathed into our lungs. They then cause or enhance asthma. They are even known to trigger asthma attacks. So one signature, your signature, will help save a life.

Sign here: https://www.change.org/p/johns-hopkins-university-improve-sanitation-at-tench-tilghman-elementary-and-middle?recruiter=466409606&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink