9/30: The Benefits of Boredom

“I’m bored.” That’s what some of the children say when we practice drills, because drills aren’t always fun. However, drills make you a better player. Drills give you the necessary skills you need to play the game better. Drills, in turn, help you to win games, and winning games makes everyone happy.

It’s always an interesting realization when you recognize that children teach you something about life. Often times, there will be tedious tasks that will benefit you long-term. Playing soccer often mirrors the act of going to school. In school, there are assignments and equations you need to write and memorize that won’t be fun. But the satisfaction of doing well on a test and the long-term benefits of a degree make all the years of hard work and studying worth it. I think in teaching our kids soccer and in practicing drills despite them being “boring”, we also teach them about a determined work ethic and the satisfaction of hard work. Charisma’s Crayons is constantly changing to better fit the needs of our children. We are constantly growing as an organization by creating new activities that are fun and engaging, while also teaching children important lessons. As a non-profit, we must constantly practice our own tedious “drills”, like paperwork and spreadsheets, but the “win” of seeing our children’s smiling faces makes everything worth it.

P.S. Even if we don’t win, it’s always a good time, because post game time is snack time!